Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whitaker Notes

Almost three years ago, I was fortunate enough to study with William Whitaker. He allowed me to come for an entire week in his studio, and then again for a few days the following summer. Shortly afterward, however, he announced he wouldn't be taking any more students--perhaps because I had convinced him teaching was a drag! :)

So you can imagine how excited I am now. Since I have recently moved to Utah, I live only 30 minutes from his studio. To my surprise, he was cordial enough to invite me back on a more regular basis. This means I will have the incredible opportunity to study under him 1-2 times a month! What an undeserved honor.

Since Whitaker is always talking about the importance of following your heart, we had a good laugh when we went to Chinese for lunch and got these fortunes (mine on top, his beneath):

Hopefully I can be the artist he seems to think I'm capable of being.

Anyway, in the next couple posts, I'll detail my notes from Day One.

Then, when I get time, I'll go back and post the notes from my first two visits from a couple years ago. Enjoy!

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