Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whitaker Day One: A Couple More Tidbits

The Sturdy and Economical Shipping Crate:
After wrapping the painting in thin foam (can find in Home Depot--I think he said in the carpet aisle?), then measure the precise dimensions and cut accordingly. Whitaker measures in mm since it's so easy to get messed up by tiny inch fractions. If you get the measurements right, there will be no jostling of the painting, so this is all that is really needed for proper protection and you're ready to go with just that! Here's the simple construction for a shipping crate (sides are 1/4-inch plywood, tops/bottoms are 1/8-inch). :

Oiling Out the Dull Spots in a Painting:
Most people use WAY too much oil for oiling out. Use only a little--Whitaker mixes his by making a 50/50 split with Oleogel and linseed oil. He puts a tiny amount on his fingers and rubs it in (he says it's like oiling a gun, but I've never done that so it didn't help me much--but I add it here in case it will help someone else). It should dry in a day:

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